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Date: 2019-08-27
Kingdom Builders: Solitaire, Play Solitaire to collect resources and construct buildings to help you in your mission to create a bustling new province.
Kingdom Builders: Solitaire -> The kingdom of Ebevaria is at war. Soon, resources will be depleted and the people will suffer. Queen Pronoia has sent her daughter Princess Kalamiya on a mission to the island of Kiridros to build a new home for the Ebevarians. Accompanying the princess is the trusted royal city builder Bardriel. Complete numerous solitaire puzzles through fifteen stages of constructing a bustling new province. Meet objectives by building workshops, holy structures, towers, prefectures and more. Collect important resources and decorate the city!
  • Solitaire with a city building theme
  • Collect resources by completing levels
  • More than 100 levels with unique layouts
  • Exciting power ups to help you win
  • Earn bonus powers and resources when you construct buildings!
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